Michelle Rust

The Finer Details

Always passionate about each individual and memorable design, using the best seasonable flowers and foliage.

The Studio

Working from my own studio space in Surrey allows me to focus on each individual client. I love meeting brides and chatting about their special day creating something unique and personal to them.

I am incredibly passionate about progressing my style and keeping up with the latest flower trends within the industry, so where possible I like to freelance between weddings, working with talented, creative florists in stunning venues in London and throughout the UK.

Over the years I’ve seen floral designs change and evolve. In the early days designs were neat, domed and compact arrangements. Now, we are embracing a much looser natural look, which I love. Flowers which are organically arranged that give any room an aspirational feel, and create the ‘wow’ factor that every couple is looking to achieve.

Flowers don’t grow in a perfect shape, they grow in various directions and it’s time to embrace their weirdly wonderful shapes, it’s what makes them so beautiful.


Your Budget

I can inspire, advise and fill you with confidence that your wedding flowers will reflect your personality and style, working with you to achieve the most from your budget.

Where possible I love to be purposeful with every flower and using them in fresh and interesting new ways. Over the years I have collected a variety of different floristry decor pieces including vases, lanterns, candles and votives that complement and elevate single floral table displays.


Sustainability & The Environment

• I love to encourage couples to integrate ceremony flowers into larger centrepieces or top table displays.

• Chair flowers or pew ends repurposed to occasional table displays.

• I encourage brides to give the flowers away to their guests so they can be enjoyed for longer.

• I avoid unnecessary packaging especially plastic and make sure all green waste is recycled.

• I endeavour to use less floral foam in my displays.

Most importantly I encourage using seasonal, locally sourced and British grown flowers (mostly available during the Summer months). However due to quantities most of my flowers are sourced from Holland where they grow the most beautiful flowers in larger quantities which are often needed for the arrangements.